Our Story


Hamdan, Manzanero & Asociados  incorporated in Mexico City in October 1989 by attorneys Fauzi Hamdan Amad and Francisco Xavier Manzanero Escutia. Our professional team consists of two senior founding partners, one partner, and two associate lawyers, all graduates of leading Mexican law schools. Our lawyers and staff commit to providing our clients with the best legal services possible.

Mr. Fauzi Hamdan Amad contributes to our law firm’s prestige with his solid expertise, background, and knowledge, which he acquired through more than 35 years of successful professional practice in several law-related fields. Additionally, his endeavors and outstanding participation in multiple legislative assignments, at both local and federal levels, decisively led our law firm to its consolidation. Mr. Francisco Xavier Manzanero Escutia’s vast know-how and proficiency combined with his master’s in maritime law promote the diversification and expansion of our law firm’s sphere.

Since its establishment, our law firm acquired a sound reputation in each specialized legal area. We are proud to affirm that we provide our clients with professional, ethical, personalized, and appropriate legal services.



We provide litigation services and legal advice in a comprehensive and personalized fashion with recognized expertise and acknowledged leadership in major business sectors. At Hamdan, Manzanero & Asociados, we believe that we achieve greater collective success by attracting and retaining the best lawyers and by providing opportunities for those who seek additional education (master’s degree, continuing legal education).



Our firm consolidated strong leadership in major business sectors in Mexico with the experience as well as the professional and academic prestige of our founder partners (Fauzi Hamdan Amad and Francisco Xavier Manzanero Escutia) as our anchor.

Fauzi Hamden Amad distinguished his successful and impeccable professional practice for more than 48 years in different legal areas including constitutional, administrative, tax, and corporate law. He actively participated in diverse legislation at the federal level and in Mexico City. Further, he demonstrates a passion for academic life with a master’s from Escuela Libre de Derecho where he also served as rector from 2010-2014. He is indisputably one of the most recognized lawyers of our country.

Francisco Xavier Manzanero Escutia developed outstanding professional practices for over 34 years and is recognized as a respected professional in his legal areas. He specializes in administrative, corporate, and maritime law. Equally noteworthy, he works uninterrupted as a professor at the Universidad Panamerica at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and more recently at the Escuela Libre de Derecho.

We lead in the practice of law through our vast knowledge, experience, and undisputed professional ethics. The vast and recognized professional experience of our founding partners guarantees as well as endorses the quality, probity, and effectiveness of the services offered by our firm.


Along with the experience and leadership of our founding partners, we highlight the talent and expertise of our youngest partner: Areli Vergara Vargas.  Hamdan, Manzanero & Asociados is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion that embraces the unique backgrounds and experience of individuals at all levels of the firm. Associate lawyers are key members of our team, and they work under the constant guidance and supervision of the founding partners. Associates continue to develop skills and update their knowledge through graduate law programs as they become recognized lawyers.

Commitment to Our Clients

Hamdan, Manzanero & Asociados is committed to honor the client’s trust. Therefore, we make sure to provide our services in a timely, effective, loyal, and professional manner. Our founding partners ensure that the legal needs of our clients are met and supervise all legal work that we undertake on their behalf. With the valuable support of all the employees of our firm, we provide legal advice and other legal services with a personalized and respectful work ethic.

Two top lawyers back our firm and that they have worked together for more than 30 years is a strengths that demonstrates the principles of loyalty and dedication driving our firm. These same principles orient our commitment to our clients and their cases. We are committed to the values of loyalty, dedication, as well as respect, teamwork, and professional excellence, and as such, we are personally involved in all matters entrusted to us, safeguarding – together with our clients – their best interests.

Our firm’s extensive network includes other legal firms located in Mexico’s main cities, the United States, and other Latin American countries.


Professionalism, Ethics, and Honesty

Since our founding, one of the guiding principles in conducting our firm is the conviction that the only way to fulfill the commitment with our clients is through honest, professional, and ethical work. Therefore, we assume all our actions and strategies with absolute rectitude, prudence, and always in strict adherence of the law.

Organizational Culture

Training & Professional Development

In order to provide optimal attention and quality in our services, Hamdan, Manzanero & Asociados, have a team of highly qualified lawyers (with postgraduate degrees from leading recognized universities) and law clerks in continuous training and specialization in different legal areas.

For the founding members of our firm and according to our Mission, it is imperative to instill in our associates the conviction to always develop a worthy practice of law. This motivation — the constant support the principal partners give to associates, and our daily teaching— results in the development and professional growth of our associate team.


The members of our firm actively participate and collaborate in a committed and responsible way to each carefully assigned task in an environment of respect and discipline. The firm strengthens its work ethics according to the founding partners’ strictest guidance and supervision.

This enables the interaction and participation of all team members in issues of importance. We provide detailed and personalized attention to our clients. We assure fully trained lawyers always attend our legal services with the backing of an authentic team of professionals.

Social Responsibility

Aware of the consequences that our actions have in society and the responsibility we as law professionals have, our firm is concerned with providing legal advice pro bono to the benefit of communities and especially vulnerable groups as well as to projects of high social impact.


Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Mercantile Law, Civil Law, Taxation, Admiralty Law, Agrarian Law, Foreign Investment, Banking and Financial, Institutions, Patent and Trademarks, Copyright, as well as others.